Why I’m writting this text in English now?

In my native town, long ago, one famous painter, (dead long ago,too) during the census of population in era of comunist rule (early ’50, Tito’s time), in the column about nationality, wrote that he was an Englishman. Funny?

Not funny. His state of mind in that specific time was very special related to system of that era. He was disgusted about all.

Today in Serbia, in this day of  „celebration of democratic changes“ , the greatest number of citizens rather will fill column with „Nobody „. They are disgusted, too. Let down, depleted, depressed…Need to write details? All of us know what each adjective means.


„Democratic changes“, in this ten years after, made us feel so. All promises about fundamental changes failed. Failed because electorate didn’t understand that the only change was in the persons elected.

The  thing we must never forget: everybody rules for him/herself. Not for us, for you, for me…

As soon as possible we conclude it, this us, this Serbia, this world… will be happier, healthier, more human…Because we are like that.

Recommendations and recipe: mind in the head, for the next ten years!


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